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Thomas Bauer's New Documentary Delves into the DIY Scene


"Over/Under is perhaps best understood as a collection of experiences from the perspective of the filmmaker. As a music documentary, it’s largely unconcerned with expounding upon how the local music scene originally took root or showcasing the diversity of genres that exist outside of its loose social circle, or investigating the community resources and infrastructural limitations that either cultivate or infringe on a DIY scene’s ability to flourish. It provides a pretty realistic impression of a particular time and place, without attempting to glamorize or mythologize itself. "


Interview with UGA's Red and Black

"Thomas Bauer, director of “Athens, Georgia: Over/Under” started filming his project in 2013 as a response to the 1987 documentary “Athens, GA: Inside/Out.” Bauer gave up on the film after he lost a hard drive, but a school project inspired him to continue, and he finished the film in 2020."


Archived at Athens-Clarke County Library

"The  groundbreaking Community Webs project is funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and Internet Archive. The one and only goal of this initiative is to preserve historical documentation for research. Web crawling and archiving begins by taking a snapshot of a website in its current state; then by repeating the process periodically, tracking the site’s evolution as it changes over time. "

Check out Alum Thomas Bauer's Recent Project on Vimeo- The New School

"The film follows several closely knit bands from the early 2010’s music scene of Athens, Georgia from their initial inception to recording and releasing to breaking up and their present-day professional lives. It takes place in the time periods of 2010-2012, 2014-2016, and 2018-2019. It attempts to show a more realistic view of a DIY project from birth to death, as well as the environments and lifestyles supporting such scenes. It features numerous one of a kind musical performances and interviews."

Podcast From the Newsroom: Athens Banner Herald Podcast

"Thomas Bauer's newly-released documentary feature, "Athens, Georgia: Over/Under" is a personal account of his time living in a city known for its vibrant music scene, but might also function as a kind of timeline for the death of its DIY culture. In this interview, Bauer speaks to Arts & Entertainment writer Andrew Shearer about the nearly decade-long production, and what parts of the experience have remained with him."

Classic City Fringe Fest - Artist Spotlight ​ 

"About the film and that time in Athens, Thomas says: “This film is a time capsule of my impression of the music scene from 2013-2016, and representative of my thoughts on the scene and working in a DIY space in general. It was originally going to be 3 parts, but things got delayed and now part 3 (the final part) is in the final stages of production, so keep an ear out!”

Flagpole Event Highlight 

"Local filmmaker Thomas Bauer will present his long-gestating documentary about the Athens music scene, Athens, GA: Over/Under. Starting off as a project at WUOG 90.5 FM and eventually morphing into an independent endeavor for Bauer, Over/Under was filmed sporadically over the course of seven years. Due to the extended nature of the shoot, the film captures Athens music at several distinct points of its recent evolution. For better or worse, Athens has gone through a lot of changes since 2012, and the completed version of Over/Under is a unique attempt to capture the weight and significance of that change in real time."

Threats and Promises Promotion

"Although it's been in a state of rough production for at least the past couple of years, a new documentary focusing on the Athens music scene post-1990s is currently seeking live footage of local bands shot between 2000 and now. Coordinated by the team of Ella Grace Downs, Thomas Bauer, Jason Flynn, Newt Barnes and Evan Cerwonka, the completed film will feature semi-vintage footage and contemporary interviews, which, paired together, will likely amount to some serious soul-mining of our beloved scene. If you've got footage that you'd like to be considered for inclusion, please contact Downs via with a description of what you have. "

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